YETI Hopper 20 Review 2020 – Top 4 Picks AndFAQ’s

YETI Hopper 20 Review
YETI Hopper 20 Review

Our YETI hopper 20 review will tell you why this company has a great reputation. The YETIHopper is a popular brand that will fulfill your requirements while going on a picnic, hike, etc. Before knowing more about this brand, let me tell you that YETI has expensive products due to its top-notch material.

Moreover, you will have the best coolers with excellent ice retention to carry while traveling. Besides that, you will find a long-lasting product that doesn’t crack or lose its quality after a certain time.

All the YETI hopper products have the same quality, but the sizes may vary. So if you are consolidating to go on a picnic, then check our top 4 picks of YETI hopper below.

Top 4 Picks Of The YETI Hopper 20 Review

1.YETI Hopper Two 20 Portable Cooler • A tampered body
• Hydrolock zipper
• Eliminates spilling
• Dry hide shell
2.YETI Hopper 30 Portable Cooler • Leakproof
• Can hold 24 cans
• Puncture resistant
• Dryhide shell material
3.YETI Hopper Silo 6 Gallon Water Cooler• Ergonomic surepore spigot
• Steady steel handle permafrost insulation
• Coldlock gasket
4.YETI Hopper Flip 8 Fog Gray• The capacity of 6 cans
• Dryhide shell
• 100 percent leakproof dry hide shell

YETI Hopper Two 20 Portable Cooler

The YETI hopper 20 has a durable quality, and it is perfect for outdoor activities. The YETI hopper is an ideal cooler that has exceptional quality. This YETI hopper in our review has the perfect ice retention for the outdoor environment. In fact, you will have the right water cooler for keeping the drinks in it for 48 hours.

This YETI hopper has a small size that makes it feasible to carry. The YETI hopper 20 is smaller than the YETI hopper 30 or 40. So you will be able to keep 20 pounds of ice in this YETI hopper container. Several people buy the YETI hopper to keep the beer cans. The YETI hopper 20 has a durable quality that similar to the YETI hopper 30 and 40.

Other than that, you will have a cooler that doesn’t leak. This YETI two 20 cooler by YETI hopper has the three years’ warranty, but the price is high. Subsequently, you will have a durable cooler that is convenient to carry. This YETI hopper 20 is not suitable for keeping the food items.

Why We Like It

You cannot keep the food items in the YETI hopper 20 cooler. The YETI hopper can carry dry food items such as sandwiches. However, you should avoid keeping the food items in YETI hopper because it will make them soggy. Ideally, the YETI hopper cooler is to keep ice that will never make it melt.

On the other side, you can use the YETI hopper cooler 20 for keeping 18 cans. The YETI hopper has long nails, and you can easily carry the cooler anywhere.

Lastly, the YETI hopper 20 has better quality than its previous versions. After all, the YETI hopper cooler is defined to keep the ice cool for a long time.

Pros & Cons


Impressive quality
Durable shell
3 ways to carry



YETI Hopper 30 Portable Cooler

The YETI hopper is perfect for those people who need to carry ice with a quantity of 30 pounds. It has the space to keep the 24 cans as well. While going on a beach or picnic, you can keep ice in it. This YETI hopper will never melt the ice before 48 hours. The quality of the YETI hopper is impressive,which is 100 percent leakproof. Additionally, it has the best ice retention capacity.

Best of all, the YETI hopper has the dryhide shell, and you will notice that it has the whitewater wrap around it. And that’s not all; YETI hopper is specifically designed in such a way that it doesn’t leak. You will not find a crazy thing that doesn’t get punctured.

As if that’s not enough, the YETI hopper30 is useful because you will have three ways to carry it. This YETI30 hopper is convenient to carry. Other than that, you can easily take the YETI hopper while going on a picnic or any trip. The YETI hopper also has ahydrolock zipper and shoulder strap. You will have the go-to handles with this YETI hopper. The YETI hopper 30 has the hooks that make it quite convenient to carry.

Why We Like It

The YETI hopper 30 has a decent design, and the material of this cooler is indestructible. You will know that it has exceptional quality after using it. More than that, the 30 YETI hopper has the rubber foam on the sides. The foam will keep the ice cool for a long time.

Even if you drop the YETI hopper, it will not break due to the sturdy material.Besides, you will have the hooks that will further make it simple to carry it.Best of all, you will know that the YETI hopper 30 is the most convenient water portable cooler to buy. Several people buy the YETI hopper 30 for going on road trips.

The price of the YETI hopper 30 is not low, but you will have impressive quality. No matter which product of YETI hopper you will buy, it has durable quality. You need to invest one time in this cooler for several years. This YETI hopper 30 cooler will not break, and it has a great reputation in the market.

Pros & Cons


Hydrolock shell
Durable material
Great ice retention



YETI Hopper Silo 6 Gallon Water Cooler

YETI hopper silo 6 is very useful for everyone because it will keep the drinks cold. Suppose you are going on a long trip than carry the YETI hopper silo with yourself. And the YETI hopper silo has a rugged material that can handle the impacts.

On the other side, the YETI hopper has a bag shape that you can carry flexibly. It has durable material anda steady steel handle. You will have chilled drinks in this YETI hopper silo for 48 hours. The YETI hopper has the same cooling as a refrigerator, but it will keep the items col for only 48 hours.

On top of that, if you want to attach some other accessories with the YETI hopper, then it will cost more. The YETI hoppers do not have space to hold wallet of phones in them. The lining of the YETI hopper silo has the FDA-approved material that makes it hygienic.

Why We Like It

You will never get dissatisfied by the quality of this YETI hopper cooler. The cooler has the soft sides, and you will have the top-notch quality as well as design. Other than that, you will have an impressive rate that keeps the drinks and food items cool in it. Plus, you will have the surety that this cooler will not melt the ice or other cold things in it.

With the YETI silo hopper, you will have a handle with it. Also, the YETI hopper has space for the sidekicks. Additionally, you will have some room to keep the other things, such as can opener. The YETI hopper silo is the best heavy-duty hydration cooler that has an ergonomic surepore spigot.

Furthermore, it has a steady steel handle that will minimize the pressure of holding it. This cooler has the rotomolded construction and permafrost insulation. Best of all, you can carry six gallons of ice in YETI silo. Also, it has a cold lock gasket with the best ice retention ability.

Pros & Cons


Cold lock gasket
Steady steel handle
Rotomolded construction



YETI Hopper Flip 8 Fog Gray

You will have the best portable option, and you don’t need to carry much weight. This YETI hopper flip 8 is quite useful, and you will be using it on several occasions. And you can rely on the YETI hopper company because it has the most reliable products. The YETI hopper flip 8 will keep the dry food items fresh for a long time. It can hold 6 cans.

It has a high price because of the premium quality. The main advantage of YETI hopper is that you will have impressive great ice retention. This YETI hopper flip 8 has the foam padding on the inner sides, and it will never leak.

Additionally, this YETI hopper 8 is perfect for travelers because it has a portable design. The YETI hopper 8 will keep the baby food and medicines cool for many hours.

Why We Like It

Consequently, the YETI hopper flip 8 will carry the ice in it for 48 hours without melting. You will have the best cooler as your companion on the long tours. Surprisingly, you can keep the YETI hopper flip 8 in the fridge for some hours make it more chill for the next day.

This YETI hopper 8 cooler is perfect for small picnics. Also, you will have a cooler that is comfortable to carry on a hike. The YETI hopper cooler is an excellent companion for the travelers as well as hikers.

Pros & Cons


Great ice retention


The capacity of 6 cans only

FAQs’ About YETI Hopper

Are The YETI Hopper Coolers Suitable For Keeping Food Items?

The YETI hopper cooler is perfect for carrying all the drinks while going on a trip. However, this YETI hopper is not suitable for the bakery and other food items. You can keep the food items for only a few hours in it. Besides, you will have soggy food items due to moisture inside the cooler.

What Makes A YETI Hopper Cooler Expensive?

Regardless of having the best quality and sturdier material, you will still feel that YETI hopper is expensive. You might find some other portable as well as affordable options in the market. This YETI hopper has great features but an extra-ordinary high price.

Are The YETI Hoppers Stress-Free To Carry?

In case you might be thinking about how YETI hoppers are easy to carry. The YETI hoppers have three different techniques that make them portable enough to carry. The YETI hoppers have a shoulder strap. Additionally, you will have side handles that make them convenient to carry. There are some slots on the YETI hopper bags as well to make them easier to carry while trekking.

Why Is A YETI Hopper 20 Everlasting?

The outer shell of the cooler is strong that will not crack. More than that, you will have the hydro lock in this YETI hopper that makes it leakproof. The YETI hopper will never spill any drink that is inside it.

Is YETI Hopper 20 Better Than Other Coolers?

The YETI hopper cooler has a portable size, and it is easy to carry. The other water coolers aren’t portable, and they cause fatigue while bringing them. So if you want a mobile solution of water cooler than YETI hopper, 20 is perfect. The other sizes of YETI hopper 30 and 40 are large.

To Sum Up

The YETI hopper coolers have impressive and unbeatable quality. Remarkably, this YETI hopper will never leak due to its foam padding on the inner side. The YETI hopper is ideally built to last, and it will never crack. The YETIHopper is a useful cooler that will allow you to carry the cold drinks feasibly. You can take this portable cooler while going on a trip or any outdoor activity.

Additionally, YETI hopper coolers have sufficient capacity that will keep the drinks cold for 48 hours. Suppose you want more capacity for keeping more ice than buy the YETI hopper 30 or YETI hopper 40. Hopefully, our YETI hopper review helps you to find the perfect size of cooler. Thank you for reading.


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