Best Hunting Tripod Reviews 2020 – Top 10 Picks And FAQ’s


Having trouble to find the best hunting tripod to make your gunshots accurate? As there are hundreds of versatile hunting tripods in the market that makes the buyer confused.

It turns out that you will find several tripods, but only a few have remarkable features. Therefore, you need to review the tripod’s features wisely to make an accurate decision.

Here we have piled up the best lightweight hunting tripods that have durable construction and useful specs to offer. Indeed, the hunting tripods will make you shots accurate because they have stable feet. To hunt a wild animal from a long distance is trickier. However, you can buy a tripod to enhance the level of your hunting game.

Below we have the top-notch hunting tripod models with versatile features.

Top 10 Picks Of The Best Hunting Tripod

1.Vortex Optics Pro GT Tripod – Best Overall• Designed to handle all conditions
• Reliable and has anodized legs
• Sturdy tripod
• Solid footing on sleek surfaces
• Comes with a carrying bad and quick release plate
2.Neewer Carbon Fiber Tripod Monopod – 2 In 1• 2 in 1 tripod
• Universal ball head design
• The new gen of high density carbon fiber
• Convenient leg handling
• Comes with a portable bag
3.Vortex Optics High Country Tripod – Best Compact Tripod• Small and lightweight tripod
• Variable leg angles
• Folds down to 15 inches
• Comes with a carrying bag and quick release plate

4.Vanguard Ultra Pro 264A – Best Aluminum Tripod • Hexagon shaped
• Anti-shock ring
• Outstanding stability
• Quick flip leg locks

Vortex Optics Pro GT Tripod – Best Overall

Our top best hunting tripod is the Vortex Optics Pro GT. This hunting tripod is ideal for a spotting scope. Moreover, it is convenient to adjust, and the feet of the tripod is stable. Not only this,the vortex hunting tripod has a three-way head pan.

Best of all, the Vortex Optics Pro GT offers the smoothest directional adjustments. Besides, you can use this tripod in a vertical and horizontal direction. Other than that, the vortex tripod will make your shot perfect, and you will have wider anodized legs.

Furthermore, this hunting vortex tripod is suitable for any type of terrain, and it has rubber feet. The feet of Vortex Optics Pro GT will not slip even in the wet areas. As if that’s not enough, the vortex optics feet are rubberized, so there is noerratic movement.

On the other side, the vortex hunting tripod comes with a balancing hoot to allow the tripod to hold more weight. Even if the gun is heavy, the vortex tripod will manage the weight in between its center point.

And that’s not all, the vortex hunting tripod has a flip lever lock, and you can easily adjust the locks as per your need.Lastly, the vortex hunting tripod has a lightweight design, and it has aluminum legs. This vortex optics pro is the best hunting tripod on the market that has useful features.

Pros & Cons


Three-way pan head
convenient to adjust
rubber feet
anodized aluminum legs
lightweight as well as durable


Some customers said that the vortex optics tripod is too light in weight

Neewer Carbon Fiber Tripod Monopod – 2 In 1

Next, we have the 2 in 1 Neewer Carbon Fiber Tripod Monopod. This tripod has the best material that can withstand all the weather conditions. Besides, the newer carbon fiber tripod is the most lightweight in our review. Also, this tripod comes with a carrying bag, and this great tripod is ideal for spotting hunting.

Moreover, you will have the versatile features that make it ideal for hunting, and it will make your shots accurate. Besides, you can easily adjust the legs of this tripod to use it according to your need. This Neewer Carbon Fiber Tripod has the rubber material that will not damage easily.

Furthermore, the Neewer Carbon Fiber Tripod has the right stuff head that has aluminum construction. This high-quality tripod has an ergonomic design, and it will easily handle more weight. Best of all, the 2 in 1 tripod has a quick-release locking system, and you can conveniently move the legs.

Generally, this Neewer tripod is ideal for use in different environments. Besides, it is resistant to corrosion. And that’s not all; the Neewer Carbon Fiber Tripod Monopod has a shocking absorbing material. This rigid tripod will not break easily.

Pros & Cons


Resistant against corrosion and shocks
Quick-release mechansim
Ergonomic design
Convenient to use
Versatile and rigid design


Their customer services aren’t responsive

Vortex Optics High Country Tripod – Best Compact Tripod

Thirdly, we have another vortex compact tripod. This Vortex Optics High Country Tripod is the most lightweight, and you can carry it easily anywhere. Therefore, the weight of this tripod by the vortex is 1 lb only. In case you might be thinking that Vortex Optics High Country Tripod will not hold much weight. But it can handle 5 lbs weight easily.

Moreover, the vortex country tripod is lightweight, and it has a lens diameter of 45 to 60mm. This vortex optics tripod has 38 cm height. In short, you can adjust the legs of the tripod easily as per your need.

Besides that, this best hunting tripodhas a ball head. While other tripods in our review, you will find Panhead. In addition, it has adjustable legs, and you can easily move the tripod because it is lightweight.

Further, you will have a long warranty period with this tripods comparison. Indeed, it is the best lightweight hunting tripod that has useful features.

Lastly, the Vortex Optics High Country Tripod has texturized water-resistant feet. This tripod has adjustable legs and ball head. You can remove the center legs part of this tripod.

Pros & Cons


Lightweight and compact tripod
adjustable ball head
adjustable rubber legs
Lifetime warranty


Quality could be better

Vanguard Ultra Pro 264A – Best Aluminum Tripod

Next, we have the Vanguard Ultra Pro 264A aluminum tripod that is ideal for the professional hunters. This expert hunter’s tripod has the multiple angle central column, and you can adjust the column in several angles easily. The angle range is 0 to 180 degrees.

Moreover, the vanguard ultra pro tripod comes with a stable functionality. You can use this tripod on any ground easily, and it is feasible to use on lower angles as well.  Further, you can set the angles of this tripod in any direction.

In addition, the Vanguard Ultra Pro 264A has a separate option to control the pan. You can lock the knobs of this tripod easily. This tripod is convenient to move in any direction. Besides that, you will have a 360-degrees angle. This Vanguard Ultra Pro has advanced settings, and you will have a magnesium exterior that will last long.

Best of all, the Vanguard Ultra pro tripod has a fluid precision motion. This tripod will handle weight up to 5lbs easily. Besides, it has an aluminum kit that is useful for hunting.

All in all, this hunting tripod has versatile features that make it the best lightweight hunting tripod for spotting scopes. It is a stable hunting tripod, and you will get a tripod with advanced housing.

Pros & Cons


Advanced head housing
Fluid like motion
Separate controls for tilting and pan
360-degree range


Some customers said that it is not a durable tripod

Vanguard VS-82 – Best Table Tripod

Fifth, we have the best table tripod by vanguard. This tripod is adjustable, and you can extend it to the largest size easily. Besides, this Vanguard VS-82 tripod is the heavy-duty scope that has a lens diameter of 80mm. Not only this,but you will also have an excellent tripod that can hold more weight than others.

Moreover, Vanguard VS can hold 11lbs. Besides, the height of the vanguard is 25.5 inches. And you can extend it to 70 inches. This Vanguard tripod comes with Panhead, and it is quite flexible. Indeed, this tripod is ideal for all grounds, and it will stay stable.

Additionally, the Vanguard tripod has a quick-release plate, and it comes with foam legs. This vanguard tripod is ideal for all the weather, so if you want a table tripod for hunting, then Vanguard VS-82 is the best option to buy.

This vanguard tripod is the best heavy-duty spotting scope, and the lens diameter is 80mm. Best of all, you will have the smoothest Panhead, and it has a flip-lock as well. This tripod comes with a carrying bag as well.

All in all, this best hunting tripodcomes with a carrying bag. It has a quick-release plate as well. However, the quality of the vanguard could be better.

Pros & Cons


Foam legs
Comes with a carrying bag
Max weight capacity is 11lbs


Quality could be better

Bushnell 784030 Advanced Tripod – Best Large Size Tripod

Next, we have the Bushnell advanced tripod that has a large size. This sturdy Bushnell tripod is ideal for all the weather. Moreover, you will have incredible optics as well as a huge lens. This Bushnell advanced tripod has aluminum construction.

Furthermore, you will have the best tripod that easily fits in all spotting scopes. Besides, you can use this tripod for cameras, binoculars, rifles, and much more.

In addition, the Bushnell tripod comes in a large size, and the weight of the tripod is 5.5 lbs. This tripod will be stable on all grounds. Even if you are hunting in windy areas, it will be stable on the ground.

Best of all, this large size Bushnell 784030 Advanced Tripod is great for its price tag. Other than that, you will have a large adjustable tripod that has aluminum legs.

All in all, this tripod has a universal sized large head. Indeed, the aluminum material of this Bushnell tripod makes it ideal for all weather.

Pros & Cons


Universal large size head
Aluminum legs
Stable feet
Ideal for all weathers



Zomei Tall Tripod Aluminum Alloy – Most Versatile Tripod

Next, we have a versatile tripod by zomei that is lightweight. This Zomei Tall Tripod Aluminum Alloy can hold a lot of weight. You can makea zomeitripod comparison with the prior models, but it will beat them all.

You might be wondering it won’t be stable on the ground because of aluminum alloy construction. Indeed, this Zomei Tall Tripod Aluminum Alloy has stable feet, and it can hold weight up to 33 lbs.

Moreover, you can use the zomei tripod for several other things as well. You can use it for a spotting scope, DSLR, and much more. This tripod has adjustable leg sections, and you will have a range of gliding that is 18 to 65 inches.

Other than that, the zomei tripod has durable aluminum construction, and it will last longer than other tripods. Besides that, you can easily adjust the tripod and move it in any direction. As if that’s not enough, you can mount this tripod anywhere.

Wholly, it is the best hunting tripod that has lightweight and compatible with several devices.

Pros & Cons


Compact tripot
Ideal for several purposes
Durable aluminum construction
Holds weight up to 33 Ibs



Ballachy Spotting Scope Tripod – Best Value

Next, we have the Ballachy Spotting Scope Tripod that has the best value. This spotting scope tripod has excellent features for its price, and the objective lens of the ballachy tripod is adjustable up to 45mm to 70mm.

The weight of the ballachy tripod is less than one kg, o.86. However, this best hunting tripodcan hold less weight than others in our review. You can only put 3 kgs on it.

Moreover, it has an aluminum construction that makes ballchy lightweight and durable. Besides that, the height of the ballachy tripod is 48 cm. In addition, you can extend the tripod up to 142 cm.

Other than that, you will have a fluid movement through its Panhead. Not only this,but the ballachy tripod also has flip-lock legs as well.

All in all, you will get a water-resistant carrying bag with this tripod, and it is convenient for carrying the tripod carefully.

Pros & Cons


Lightweight tripod
Fluid movements
Flip-lock legs
Water-resistant carry bag


Difficult to mount the screw

Celestron 82052Trailseeker Tripod Black – Premium Grade Tripod

Ninth on our list, we have the premium tripod that is Celestron 82052Trailseeker. This tripod has aluminum legs that you can easily adjust according to your requirements. Besides that, it has a max height length of 70 inches.

Furthermore, you will have four different positions to adjust the legs of this tripod. This Celestron 82052Trailseeker Tripodhas a retractable hook that adds more stability to it.

Other than that, this Celestron tripod has a two wat head pan, and the knobs of the tripod and easy to control. You can use this Celestrontripod for several other things as well. As if that’s not enough, Celestron comes with a quick-release plate.

Best of all, this best hunting tripodis compact and water-resistant. Indeed, it is a durable and lightweight tripod that is best for holding the spotting scopes.

Pros & Cons


Adjustable and durable aluminum legs
Retractable hook
Two-way pan head
Too lightweight


The capacity of 6 cans only

Vortex Optics Summit SS-P Tripod – Ideal For Hunting

Last but not least, we have the ideal Vortex Optics Summit SS-P tripod for hunting. This Vortex tripod comes with an objective lens of 60mm. Besides that, you will have an adjustable height length of up to 35.5 inches.

Other than that, the weight of the Vortex Optics Summit is 2 lbs. Moreover, you will have a portable tripod that you can adjust to different angles easily. Not only this,but the summit tripod also comes with payload capacity as well.

Plus, this tripod is convenient to settle down in any position. You can adjust it to the level of your spotting scope. Additionally, the rubber feet and the unique texture of this best hunting tripodmake it stable. However, this tripod needs additional weight to stay stable in a windy temperature. All in all, this compact aluminum tripod comes with a ballast hook. Indeed, it is the best hunting tripod.

Pros & Cons


A lightweight tripod weight less than a pounds
portable hunting tripod
Rubberized feet
Aluminum construction


Not a stable tripod


What Is The Most Durable Material Of A Tripod For Hunting?

The most durable material of hunting tripod is the aluminum alloys. The aluminum material of the tripod is waterproof, and it will not damage in any type of weather.

Another benefit of buying an aluminum tripod is that it is light in weight than stainless steel tripods. On the other side, the carbon fiber hunting tripod is lightest, and you can move the tripod easily. The carbon fiber tripod is more durable and resistant to corrosion.

Do All Tripods For Hunting Come With A Carrying Bag?

A carrying bag is one of the essential accessories that is required with the hunting tripods. You will find several tripods in our review that come with a good quality hunting bag. However, the quality of the carrying bag will vary from one brand to another.

Thus, you can easily carry a tripod while going on a hunt. Always buy a hunting tripod that is foldable and fits accurately in the bag pack if you don’t have its carrying bag.

What Are The Popular Brands Of Hunting Tripods?

Above is our list you will find the most popular and well-known tripod hunting brands. Moreover, all those brands of tripods are reliable, and you will have impressive and useful features with the tripods. Many of the tripods come with a carrying bag.

Is There A Way To Make A Tripod Stable?

Tip: To make a tripod stable, you can take a mesh bag at the hunting spot. You need to put the rocks in the mesh bag. After that, you have to tie the mesh bag under the tripod and leave it there. The mesh bag shouldn’t touch the ground. In this way, you can make a tripod stable for all conditions.

To Sum Up

In general, there is a wide variety of hunting tripods in the market. Therefore, selecting the 10 best-hunting tripods was a daunting task. Nevertheless, picking the spotting scopes among the tripods was even more challenging.

After reviewing the best hunting tripod, you can choose the one that fits your needs and budget. Besides, we have two suggestions here that will never disappoint you.

The best overall is Vortex Optics Pro GT Tripod with vertical and horizontal adjustments, and you will have a three-way pan head. Best of all, the vortex optics prop has a balancing hook to make the tripod more stable.

Other than that, you can go with the Zomei Tall Tripod. This Aluminum Alloy Zomei Versatile Tripod has remarkable features. It is the best portable option because it is light in weight. In addition to this, you will have multiple angles of shooting with the Zomei Tall Tripod.

We hope that you find the best hunting tripod from our review that fulfills your requirements.


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