7 Best Climbing Tree Stands for Big Guys

big man tree stand

Finding the best climbing tree stands for big guys that are comfortable and weight resistive is a blessing.

There are specific items that are made for the people who want to find a great hunting spot on the top of the tree that helps the user, not only in climbing the tree but also to let them find a resting place on it.

You are usually considering the fact that you are a big guy and cannot find something useful to your size.

You cannot always make custom stuff, can’t you?

After looking at more than 37 different climbing tree stands, we’ve found the 7 best big man tree stands that will not only save your time in climbing the tree but also provide safety from injuries.

You can quickly go for the shots on these or can even climb up the tree using the climbing tree stand techniques. It can lift the weight or also take your vast body to challenge.

Best Climbing Tree Stands for Big Guys in 2020

Climbing tree stands are very portable too due to which there is no harm in purchasing ones for personal hunting needs. They can easily be packed up and taken around with you during the hunting season. 

If you are reading this post, then you might be one of the massive guys who is preparing for hunting before the season, probably a best practice to put you in a head start. 

Before going to talk about individual product, here’s a quick glance at the top seven best climbing tree stands for big guys.

ProductProduct WeightWeight Limit 
Summit 180 Max SD26 lbs350 lbs
Summit Titan SD25 lbs350 lbs
Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On II14 lbs350 lbs
Summit SU81119 Goliath SD25 lbs350 lbs
Summit 81120 Viper20 lbs300 lbs
Millennium Monster19 lbs300 lbs
Lone Wolf Assault II11 lbs350 lbs

We have provided these products for you which will surely carry your weight around while running upwards on the tree. Or quietly sitting on a chair over a tree, taking your best shots possible.

1. Summit 180 Max SD – Overall The Best

Best Climbing Tree Stand For Fat Guys

Summit 180 Max SD can be referred to as the All in one type of tree stand. The quality, the features, the construction, and the weight limit are all of the best proportions. There is only one unfortunate aspect of this tree stand, which is its price range.

It is one of the most expensive tree stands on the market but when you compare the price with the features and the quality, it is instantly justified.

The product has a lightweight construction, and the maximum weight limit is 158 kg, which is simply amazing. 

For big people, the weight is justified because the weight of hunting equipment is also included with the importance of a human. The construction is foamed and aluminum framed.

The size is 21 inches wide and 38 inches in length, making it one of the broadest trees stands in the market.

There is also wheel and straps with the tree stand for its stability and balancing or solely for comfort in climbing one.

Pros & Cons


Very Lightweight.
The weight limit is 158 kg, for big people.
All the necessary tools are included.
Good quality with a larger space area.


A bit on the expensive side.

Our Verdict

This tree stand is the perfect balance of all aspects but best tree stand for big men because of its weight limit and larger size. One thing to keep in mind and that is this product is a bit expensive as its negative aspect.

2. Summit Titan SD – Best for Space

Best Climbing Tree Stands for Big Guys - Summit Titan SD

Summit Titan SD I a tree stand that is best for people having a more muscular body or fats. It provides more room on the chair, so if you are even wearing fluffy clothing or stout shoes, there is nothing to worry about.

The weight capacity for this product is probably the best among all the other, which is 350 pounds. Hence, for a singular person, you can quickly put your weight combined with the weight of other stuff on the chair.

This product has its highlights on safety, comfort, and concealment. The durability is provided by the aluminum framing, which is also its productivity feature, making it lightweight and durable, both in one. 

Coming towards the main point of hunting, this product has a camouflage pattern on it, which adds to the stealth and timing in hinting provided absolute aiming.

At the least there are Rapid Climb Stirrups and two quickdraw coated steel cables for climbing, making it reasonably easy to climb even with more massive boots.

If the seat is torn or not comfortable, then do not worry about it because it is replaceable.

All in one, it is an affordable and most openly constructed tree stand.

Pros & Cons


The quickdraw steel coating and aluminum framing provides stealth.
Openly constructed for more space.
Maximum weight limit of 350 pounds.
Rigid, durable and lightweight.


No extra pockets or storage spaces.

Our Verdict

At the least, this product is for those who are looking for something durable, extra-wide, and has space for a more heavyweight person. There are no compartments or areas that provided less productivity.

3. Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On II – Best for Portability

Best Climbing Tree Stands for Big Guys - Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On II

Lone wolf Alpha Hang on II is best known for its portable and straightforward design. It can be carried anywhere without any effort as it is only 14 pounds in weight. The small chair and big net for boots are there for some view and natural movement.

There is no problem with your backpack or other stuff because the construction is done in such a way that there is no problem in handling the weight of things.

Also, it is a larger 30 inch by 19-inch aluminum platform, which is enough for people to move around.

Now, coming towards the size and length of this product. It can be adjusted to shorten or lengthen the distance, provided it can be used for heightened people also.

Do not go for the smaller size, as it can lift weight up to 350 pounds.

There is a unique feature called as E-Z Hang Hook accessory which enables the user to select many locations at a time to hang the unit quickly and more effortlessly.

At the least, there is a combination of brown with light skin color to match with the color of trees around and clothing of a typical hunter.

It provides more versatility and stealth for hunters to patiently pray for the target.

Pros & Cons


Portable and sleek design.
More view on the target.
Incredible weight limit of 350 pound.
Length can be adjusted easily for heavy people.


There is no slot or covering for the hunter.

Our Verdict

If you are looking for something portable, durable, and openly made, then this product is perfect for you. But if you want protection and security, this product is relatively weak in this aspect.

4. Summit SU81119 Goliath SD – Especially for Big Guy

Big Man Climbing Tree Stand

Summit Goliat is best known for its features, which work for big people too. There is its foamed seat and then the size of this product, which makes it great for big or more significant people.

The construction is metal with aluminum, which makes it durable and more weight limited and has a solid bar on the front, which is for the ease in standing while on the top of the tree.

There is also a gun rest provided with the seat. This gun rest is for the archery or other equipment because of its size, which works best for all the stuff.

The larger paddings are great for more immense people because of their larger foot size.

The shoes also increase the size and width of shoes, which results in unease while climbing. But this product is made specifically for more significant people.

Therefore, there is no unease in climbing with more giant shoes.

It’s construction is done in a way to reduce the stress in the tree stand; the cable retention system and low profile design are great for hunters.

Aside, it has also a bungee strap that acts as a separate store type for guns, equipment, and gears of hunting.

Pros & Cons


Bungee straps for guns, equipment, and gear.
Safety measurements.
Size and the weight limit is excellent for big people.
Features like stealth, rapid climbing, and reduced stress.


Less legroom.

Our Verdict

Well, when we talk about the tree stands, there is sure to speak about the big and the taller people.

It is made explicitly for them, resulting in a larger area to sit and stand on or durable design to endure the weight but there is a problem in its legroom, and that is, it is not that much more significant.

5. Summit 81120 Viper – Best Archery Tree Stand

Best Climbing Tree Stands for Big Men - Summit 81120 Viper

The products from Summit are known for their archery construction and design. This product has a very comfortable and stand able to design with safety as their core value.

There is smooth and durable aluminum construction with a standing stand to make standing on the tree stand easy and helpful. Being a total weight of only 20lbs, you can say that this product is relatively portable.

For an above-average weight and heightened person, this product is right to use because of its 18×12 seat and 20×26 platform size.

Being too big might be a problem because there is not that much space for them.

Included extra hardware for stability and balance, there are straps for the product to ensure safety. Then there is a hinge to make standing up comfortable. Hence, archery is the best sport for this tree stand.

Pros & Cons


Construction is suitable for standing.
Safety as their core value.
Utility straps.
Portable and lightweight.


Average built quality.

Our Verdict

This product is well for people who are looking towards something portable and smaller in size while doing their archery shots. There is a little problem inbuilt quality; otherwise, it is excellent for standup hunting.

6. Millennium Monster – Most Comfortable Climbing Tree Stand

Bigger Men Tree Stands - Millennium Monster

Millennium Moster is best known for its comfort and lightweight design. It is also made of high-quality materials, which gives a well-made feeling which being used. The total weight on the thing is only 19 pounds, which is portable.

The construction of this product is aluminum, making it easy to be lifted and transported from one place to another.

The seat can be folded; this is specially made for the reason of standing. If you want to stand and then take shots for hunting, the place can be rolled back, which gives a larger space for aim.

The smaller construction doesn’t mean it cannot take the weight of a more significant person, the maximum weight capacity is 300 lbs, which is great for this design.

The seat size is also well for heavy people; it can measure up to 20 by 17 inches while the full product size is 24 by 37 inches.

The only problem with the product is that you cannot spread the legs or stretch yourself comfortably.

Pros & Cons


Good built quality.
It can be rolled for comfortable standing and secure handling.
Lightweight and durable.
Simple and unique.


The maximum weight limit is 300 pounds.

Our Verdict

This product is best in the market for its quality and comfort level with lightweight and sleek construction, but if you are big enough (more than 136 kg) then this tree stand isn’t for you.

7. Lone Wolf Assault II – Best Lightweight Tree Stand

Big Man Tree Stand - Lone Wolf Assault II

Lone Wolf Assault II is best known for its lightweight and smaller framing. The weight of this product is said to be 11 pounds, which is stunning for its durability and design.

There are adjustment points in the aluminum framing, which can be best for stability and hanging in smaller places.

Being somewhat great for standing on, this product provides a smooth and comfortable feel due to its lightweight factor.

The color and pattern make this product more of a stealth-type, and the proofing is done in a way that it can be used in the swamps and damp areas.

Hence, you can say that this product can be used in the places where most hunters probably do not go because of their tree stands. Elimination the chances of any hunter being there.

Being in the most smaller sizes, this product has some disadvantages on the more big side people.

The size and the shape are no doubt comfortable, but when it comes to the fat people with heavyweights and plus the weight of hunting equipment, this product becomes discomfort.

Pros & Cons


The most lightweight tree stand with only 11 lbs. of weight.
Very portable.
Smaller and durable.
Quiet, stealthy, and perfect for a mobile hunter.


The size and weight are not for big people.

Our Verdict

Being a lightweight and small productive tree stand, you can go to the places where other hunters would not even think of.

The only problem with the tree stand is that you cannot use this if you are more heavyweight or also big.

Final Words

When we talk about hunting or archery, there is sure to be a discussion about the tree stands. The tree stands are must in hunting equipment, therefore the lightweight and productive factor in must in the tree stands.

More or less, it is sure that there are some issues in the buckling of tree stands because of different sizes and different weight limits.

The more big people tend to suffer more on the tree stand than a sleek person.

For the big people, there should be more space on the footrest, there should be a comfortable larger area to sit on, and then there should be a stand for people to stand comfortably with.

The tree stands are nothing without their straps and extra ropes. Therefore, to choose a tree stand, there is must go for the ones with most straps or features. 

Our pick is Summit 180 Max SD because of its size, shape, construction, and weight limit, each and everything is put in perfect proportions there.

Ranging from people with less weight to the people with more pressure, there should be stealthy construction, portable design, less influence of the product, and more weight limit it can endure.

Other than that, the length is said to be different for different shaped people.

Have we missed any best climbing tree stand for big guys/men?

Please let us know in the comment section below, we love to hear from our readers.


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