Are Timberlands Good For Hiking? Here’s A Simple Answer

Are Timberlands Good For Hiking

Thinking of buying Timberland boots for hiking but the question is: Are Timberlands food for hiking?

In this article, you’ll know whether Timberland boots are suitable for hiking or not.

Before going to dig deeper, let’s know the short background info of the company.

Company Background

Timberland is an American company and is a manufacturer of some of the best shoes in the market. The company is 92 years old as it came into being in 1928.

It manufactures many boots such as oxford shoes, hiking shoes, chukkas, sneakers, slip-on as well as dress shoes. 

Timberland is also a great franchise for clothes, watches, sunglasses, and even some leather articles.

Multiple branches of Timberlands have been fruitful and are wide open throughout the world. Thus, these offer a trendy and fashionable look for style icons and are also worn by many modern-day celebrities.

Now the main question…

Are Timberlands Good For Hiking?

Timberland boots are not good for hiking because they are not designed specifically for hiking miles and miles. However, there are some boots that perform well for short hiking trails and you should consider buying them.

Keep reading and you’ll find out which Timberland boots you should buy for hiking.

Are Timberlands Good For Hiking

But first let me tell you why Timberland boots are not really good for hiking.

Their boots are popular in today’s market because of their unique look but are not meant for longer trials.

For hiking boots to be high, they should be soft from the inside. Your feet should not get hurt during hiking.

Thus, your toes should quickly move inside the shoes.

To know the exact size, you should also check that these are wide enough after wearing socks. The material of the particular shoe should also be tested.

The following are the problems in timberland hiking shoes.

1. Style Icon

Timberlands are manufactured in such a way that these are more like style icons. It gives them a trendy look.

However, within the city, these are idealized by most of the people and are also worn as streetwear.

Therefore, for shorter trails, hikers won’t face many problems, but on longer trails, they can be much problematic.

2. Blister Causing

When these hiking boots are worn on longer trails, they cause blisters. As a result, the skin of one’s feet is damaged due to heat and friction produced as a result of the rubbing of the skin with the material of shoes.

When your shoe accidentally gets inside the mud, the content of the shoe reacts with it, which causes such blisters. 

3. Heavy Weight

Hiking shoes should ideally be light in weight, but Timberlands are comparatively heavier than manufacturers of other brands.

So, due to the heavier weight, it doesn’t make them ideal shoes for hiking. Timberlands are durable enough to be hiking boots but should be lighter in weight.

4. Poor Material For Hiking

The material used in the manufacture of the boots is leather, so it is not feasible for most hikers because it requires a lot of care.

So, leather boots are not proved to be better for hiking.

5. Shorter Trails

Timberlands are suitable for shorter trails because these don’t get damaged in this way.

They are made up of a material that is less durable as compared to other hiking boots because the company focuses on the fashionable look of the shoes and not the content.

Can You Hike in Timberlands?

Every Timberland shoe is not meant for hiking purposes because each shoe has its own set of specialties. So there are some specific shoes which are meant for hiking purposes.

Can You Hike in Timberlands

Hikers can hike in timberlands, but most of the related shoes don’t offer excellent durability.

Most of the boots which fall into the category are made from leather mixed with some suede. So, it is not durable for longer trails.

However, for shorter trails, these can be worn and are also convenient. Thus, these will not bother the hiker as his/her feet won’t get hurt in any way.

Best Timberland Hiking Boots

Although Timberland is not the best producer for hiking shoes but some shoes are best regarding the hiking boots series.

1. Timberland Men’s Chocorua Trail

Timberland Chocorua Trail

It is one of the best hiking shoes ever, having Timberland as the prime supplier and manufacturers.


These shoes are designed in such a way that these facilitate the hikers on longer trails. 
Facilitate the hikers for three-four day trips.
These shoes are waterproof and stable enough for hikers because they don’t cause trouble of any sort.
Its material doesn’t get damaged when the boot gets saturated with water and mud.


Its major drawback is that it is heavier in weight than the majority of the hiking boots in the market.
There are also some issues with the sole of the shoe. It quickly wears down within a shorter period, less than a year.
These shoes are designed for a longer hike. In case of a longer walk, use any other brand.

2. Timberland Men’s White Ledge

These are high shoes for hiking during the day time in the Timberland series.


Different from other boots, as these are not more substantial than others.
Suitable for occasional use because they don’t get damaged easily.
White Ledgers are designed for shorter trails.


White Ledge is also not extra durable because of its material.
If they are worn for a longer trail, then these can easily be damaged due to the lighter material.
There are also some issues with the sole of the shoe. It quickly wears down within a shorter period, less than a year.

3. Timberland Men’s Euro Hiker

Timberland Euro Hiker

The Euro Hiker is collectively one of the best hiking shoes for hot as well as cold season. It is purchased by most of the hikers commonly.


Euro hikers are beneficial due to their contribution to walking, hiking, and also going to work.
Feet are comfortable inside the shoes, so when these shoes are worn for a long time, it is not damaging for the feet, and blisters are also not formed on the feet.


Their manufacturing material is not durable, so these are not long-lasting.
Euro Hikers of the Timberland series are not waterproof, so water and other dust particles can easily penetrate the shoes.

Is Timberland a Good Brand?

Timberland is well-known by most of the general public. It is also a style icon as it produces some of the best shoes and boots for may categories and purposes.

Is Timberland a Good Brand
Image Credits: Money Inc.

Thus, Timberland has built an excellent reputation in the apparel industry for men as well as women.

The unique thing about Timberland is that it looks fascinating on anyone’s feet irrespective of their age, color, or gender.

The material used in the construction is also good, mostly fine leather.

Whenever you’re dressed up, often you have to match your boots or shoes with your dress.

But Timberland shoes are those who look perfectly good with every dress irrespective of their color.

Are Timberlands Comfortable?

As mentioned above, Timberlands are more like a fashion icon, which gives a trendy look to those people who wear these shoes. The material used in their construction is leather-based, which is approximately in its purest form.

Are Timberlands Comfortable

However, these are also long-lasting as compared to some other boots of their comparison.

According to the reviews by most of the people, Timberlands are one of the most comfortable shoes worn by them.

These boots are shock resistant and waterproof, which adds to the unique features of these boots. Hence, your shoes are safe during the two scenarios.

When at first Timberland pairs are worn, they feel tight as compared to other boots because these are composed of leather, however, after some time, the shoe becomes wide enough and comfortable for the person to wear it.

The shape of the boots depends on the way you wear your shoes. 

However, when you’re purchasing your pair of Timberland boots, they ask you about your length as well as your width, so there are no problems in the upcoming future, and they are correctly fitted.

Are Timberlands Good For Snow?

Keep in view the construction material; timberlands are proven to be suitable for snow because the majority of these shoes are shock-resistant as well as waterproof. Because of these abilities, these can easily be worn in snowy conditions and also keep the feet warm in chronic winters.

Are Timberlands Good For Snow

Keep in mind that not all the Timberland boots are waterproof, if any of those related boots are worn in snow, they could get ruined and not be in the condition to be worn.

However, before purchasing any particular shoe, instructions should be read about the article.

When Timberlands are worn in snow, it makes the show wet, which disrupts the structure and also causes blisters on one’s feet.

Blisters causing shoes can never be suitable for hiking. 

Alternatives To Timberland Boots For Hiking?

According to the reviews of the majority of people, timberland boots are more like fashion icons or style icons. So these are not feasible for long distance trails.

There are specific alternatives for Timberland shoes as the taste of some users is different, and many users also look for different qualities within a shoe or a boot, so many alternatives for Timberland boots are available within the market.

The first alternative is Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX which is preferably one of best hiking shoes for cold weather. These are also cheap as compared to the Timberland boots.

Another alternative to Timberland boots for hiking is Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Vent which is one of the most commonly used hiking shoes. These also provide a better alternative to Timberland boots and are also less in price as compared to the shoes.

Merrell Moab 2 GTX is also one of the best hiking shoes available nowadays and looks similar to the Moab 2 Vent. These are even more breathable than leather boots. Thus, these serve as the cheapest alternative to Timberlands. 

However, the weather is also dependent on hiking. There is a vast collection of boots that are suitable for hot as well as cold weather. Thus, you should check the weather before the selection of these particular hiking boots.

Conclusion: Are Timberlands Good For Hiking?

According to the reviews of the most magnificent hikers, timberland boots aren’t suitable for hiking because they have a lot of problems.

Some of the shoes of the hiking series are also not waterproof, which doesn’t make them ideal boots for hiking.  

Timberland is a franchise that focuses on fashion and style demands.

However, it doesn’t focus on the durability and reliability of the products. For some years, it also hasn’t introduced any newer articles in the market.

Hence, it has all the older items without any sort of innovations.

These are still popular in today’s market because of their unique look. So these are more like style icons but are not meant for longer trials.

Another disadvantage of them is that these are made up of pure leather, so when these get saturated with mud and water, then the material gets severely damaged.

However, these boots are designed in such a way that they are suitable for city use and shorter trails but get damaged on longer trails. 

When Timberlands are worn on longer hikes, it causes blisters as well as foot ulcers, which are very damaging for the feet and ankles.

So, these require proper treatment. Your feet also get disrupted for a more extended period, its better not to wear Timberlands for longer hikes.


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